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BPE TorqueFlite Kickdown Cable Kit

The TorqueFlite Kickdown Cable Kit will work with ANY & ALL Applications! To Show What We Mean, Here Is A Picture Of The Cable Kit & Our Accelerator Cable Mounting Bracket Installed On A New 5.7L HEMI Mopar Performance Fuel Injected Crate Engine. Our Products Truly Cover The Entire Mopar Line-Up!   
Picture To Left Is A 5.7L Hemi With Cable Kit & Acc. Bracket Installed CLICK TO ENLARGE

Picture To Right Is A 5.7L Hemi In Need Of Help With Throttle Pressure!

Finally, a simple answer to an age old problem!  Scrounging for that proper Kickdown Linkage?  Look no more!  Bouchillon Performance Engineering has just released Part # 3350.  A complete Kickdown Kit for your Torqueflite transmission that will work on all carbureted rear wheel drive Mopars with a Torqueflite transmission from 1962.  This kit will fit everything from 6 cylinders with 2 bl. to Hemi and 440 Six-Packs, including other multiple carbureted vehicles with just about any intake manifold.  This patented kit will give you the proper throttle pressure your transmission requires, correct shift points, versatile installation combinations, and provide longevity to your Torqueflite.

For that added touch, use our #3395 Accelerator Cable Mounting Bracket  along with the Torqueflite Kickdown Cable Kit. It works on all 4 barrel applications and cleans up the complete intake manifold looks and funtionality. It, generally is not a necessity if you are using an OE style intake manifold,  OE carburetor, and you are sure you have the correct OE accelerator bracket for intake and carburetor combination. Just go to the link below to view.

Click Here To Read An Article In MOPAR MUSCLE Magazine About The TorqueFlite KickDown Cable Kit!

We KNOW The Cable Kit Will Work For You & Want You To Understand Why & How It Works So PLEASE CLICK Below To View The Complete Install Instructions, & See Why The TorqueFlite Kickdown Cable Kit Is Truly The ONLY Cable Kit On The Market That Already Figures Out & Gives You ALL The Travels & Ratios, So Your Not Stuck Trying To Figure It Out And Burn Up Your Transmission In The Process! From Perfect Install, Mounting, & Adjustment. To Getting The EXACT Throttle Pressure At Your TorqueFlite, Proper Shift Points, & The FULL LIFE OF YOUR TRANSMISSION!

View: TorqueFlite Kickdown Cable Kit Installation Instructions Here

Torqueflite Kickdown Cable Kit

This patented kit will give you the proper throttle pressure your transmission

requires, correct shift points, versatile installation combinations, and provide

longevity to your Torqueflite.

Price: $127.22
Transmission Parts

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Customer Testimonies About TorqueFlite Kickdown Cable Kit:

Just wanted to thank you for a great product.  The Torqueflite Kickdown Cable Kit was easy to install and simple to adjust. We installed it on the day we received it and made one adjustment then went to the NHRA Division 3 ET Finals and ran our 74 Duster in the High School Class and WON! Being able to get the trans set to shift consistently was a key factor in our consistency and helped us win the championship.  Thanks again for quick service and a great product.
Bob, Sarah and Jordan Eaker
Brownsburg, Indiana

Below Is The Accelerator Cable Mounting Bracket, That We Recommend Everyone To Purchase Along With There TorqueFlite Kickdown Cable Kit..This Will Give You Extra Adjustment, And Allow You To Mount Your Accelerator Cable & The Cable Kit On ANY INTAKE & CARBURETOR COMBINATION YOU CAN COME UP WITH! EVEN 5.7L HEMI CRATES WITH THROTTLE BODY'S!! Click Below For More Information & Pictures Of Installs!
Accelerator Cable Mounting Bracket

Accelerator Cable Stud & Nut


Part # BPE3349
Accelerator Cable Stud & Nut
Price: $11.30


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Carburetor Throttle Adapter Brackets

NEW NOTE: This Holley 207 Bracket Is NOT Needed UNLESS You Already Have Our Torqueflite Kickdown Cable Kit On Your Vehicle, and Are Changing From Using An OE or Carter/Edelbrock Carburetor And NOW Going To A Holley. And If You Need This Bracket, & You Already Have The T.K.C.K., You Will Remember Cutting The Carb. Bracket For Your First Install On Your OE or Carter/Edelbrock Carb. Hope This Helps Clear Up What This Bracket Is For!

Part # 207
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Part # 1481


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Replacement Cable For
TorqueFlite Kickdown Cable Kit



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 View: US Patent Number 6,463,826 Here For BPE T.K.D.C.K.


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